These are not the case studies you’re used to.

By Lucerito Ortiz and Xiomara Padamsee

Ever since Promise54 released Unrealized Impact — a first-of-its-kind effort to quantify the state of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the education field — we’ve received many requests for narratives sharing organizations’ actual DEI journeys. 

We’ve heard you loud and clear!

That’s why we are thrilled to announce the release of Promise54’s DEI Case Studies, following the work that Blue Engine, TNTP, and College Track have engaged in to deepen their organizational commitments to – and actions around – diversity, inclusion, and equity.  

Unlike case studies you may have read — the ones that tend to gloss over thorny, multidimensional challenges and deeply human imperfections for the sake of a neat narrative or sales pitch — this series of in-depth qualitative studies goes deeper. We’re embracing the messy, undeniably human reality of the work we do to create thriving environments for adults, so they can do their best work on behalf of students, families, and communities. 

In short, these case studies take a radically human approach. 

In the radically human world we’re working to build together at Promise54, we prioritize trusting, authentic relationships and deep engagement. We believe perfection is an impossibility and embrace imperfection as part of being human, and a source of growth. We believe that process is as important as outcomes. And we know that qualitative life experience is valid and real data.

These are some of the values at the heart of our way of being in the world and doing this work. They’re also key principles guiding these three case studies. Our hope is to honestly represent the journey of each organization featured — including progress made, missteps along the way, and the challenges these organizations are still grappling with today. 

The first 3 featured organizations in this series are modeling courage, candor, and vulnerability by bearing their often uncomfortable truths. And really, isn’t that what the work is all about? 

Read the case studies here. We hope they energize and enrich your work, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and any questions that come up for you as you’re reading them!

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