We can’t populate our way to inclusion: Relationships are the building blocks of inclusive culture

Clearly, painting “Black Lives Matter” in the street doesn’t undo a legacy of racist policies. Most of us have a sense that releasing public statements supporting the Black Lives Matter movement won’t automatically eliminate the need to interrogate exclusionary organizational practices. But here’s where we find many organizational leaders get stuck: Will hiring more Black people address the impact of white dominant norms embedded in organizational cultures and infused in interpersonal relationships? In this month’s blog, two Promise54 team members - Cornelius Lee and Andrew Greenia - describe the steps they’ve taken across difference to develop an inclusive relationship.

That’s A Wrap: Second Cohort of Changemakers Complete 2019 DEI Accelerator

We are excited to have completed the 2019 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Accelerator program. This second cohort brought together 132 leaders from 43 organizations to understand their current state around diversity, inclusion, and equity and to drive forward progress. These leaders came from across the country representing schools, nonprofits, and foundations to implement a concrete plan for progress and to build skills and community along the way.

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