Erin is: a mother, partner, sister, daughter, and granddaughter, whose intergenerational family grounds her in the astonishing capacity humans have to learn, grow and change at every stage of life. A white woman, inquisitive traveler, and outdoor educator at heart, Erin strives to listen deeply, learn continuously, and love inclusively. She can often be found hiking, in her vegetable garden, or at a local live music event, is always working to improve her Spanish, and is a mediocre but enthusiastic teammate on her rec softball team. Equal parts analytical and relational, Erin loves data, loves people, and is passionate about co-creating systems and structures that honor and amplify the brilliance of people with historically marginalized identities. 

Erin’s experience in education and talent includes roles at Mile High Youth Corps, TNTP, and Denver Public Schools, where she led initiatives to strengthen and diversify teacher pathways and supports, to foster inclusive instructional cultures, and to develop, scale, and continuously improve an innovative district-wide distributive leadership model. Erin received a BA in Geography and Religion from Colgate University.

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