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Chief Executive Officer


Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Milwaukee College Prep is a leading network of four K4-8th grade public charter schools and a K3 early childhood program that every child in Milwaukee is eligible to attend free of charge. Grounded in our belief that “knowledge plus character pave the road to college and beyond,” and delivering our program in joy-filled, identity-affirming spaces, Milwaukee College Prep is absolutely determined to provide our  scholars with the foundation necessary to lead lives of choice and have access to their dreams.

The word cloud you see here is the product of having asked MCP administrators and teachers to name the words that best embody the ethos of Milwaukee College Prep.  See for yourself how these words come alive every day in every MCP school.

Our “special sauce” also comprises artful, evocative expressions of our values and beliefs. Whether through our Declaration of Excellence, proverbs or poetry, the Milwaukee College Prep community is inspired and inspiring, and brings out the very best of all of our stakeholders.

Our scholars’ joy and academic achievement further prove what the research indicates: that an uncompromising K-8 education delivered by determined, loving, well-trained teachers in every classroom makes the difference. Realizing this, we provide our teachers with quality, ongoing support and feedback in an environment where they can grow and flourish. And it doesn’t stop there. Our ultimate goal is for every child in Milwaukee to receive an uncompromising education. We owe it to them and to ourselves. So while our nearly 2,000 scholars benefit most directly from our practices, our reach is far greater. We have become a model network, welcoming thousands of teachers and administrators annually to share techniques, strategies and philosophies that can be replicated in their own schools.


Assured that the timing is right to make room for the influence and ideas of another strong and inspiring leader, founding Principal and Chief Executive Officer Robert Rauh will transition out of the organization at the end of the 2022-2023 school year. While his absence will be felt deeply by the community, MCP stakeholders are confident that the future is bright, and that the best of MCP is yet to come. Harnessing all of the assets of our students and families, our top talent, academic model, commitment to innovation and engaged and diverse Board, MCP is poised to strengthen our capacity to provide high-quality education to children in Milwaukee.


Our new CEO will represent MCP in the larger political and fundraising communities, and hold the standard for quality and accountability across all aspects of the organization. As such, they will be inspiring, clear, direct and transparent in communicating expectations and roles, and provide thoughtful and consistent support and coaching to team members to help them achieve their potential. They will also foster a culture of collaboration and cohesiveness to institutionalize common characteristics across schools while retaining each school’s distinctiveness, and creating space for creativity and continuous learning. Specifically, the CEO will:

Develop and champion a clear vision and strategy by:

    • working with the Board and leadership team to further develop a vision for academic programming and related strategic initiatives, and adapt to internal and external changes as needed.
    • widely and regularly championing and inspiring people with the organization’s vision, goals, plans, results, and success stories

Recruit, support, and retain a strong, diverse team by:

    • promoting and modeling rigor and strong character;
    • building a strong, cohesive culture of openness, transparency, fairness, and respect for all employees;
    • recruiting high-performing, mission-aligned talent for all levels of the organization;
    • implementing effective talent management strategies throughout the organization, including developing and operationalizing a path to advancement that is open, in both principle and practice, to all MCP team members;
    • coaching and mentoring direct reports, ensuring the clarity and resources they need for success, and
    • ensuring the organization is able to appropriately sustain and retain its people.

Drive effective execution and accountability for programmatic, operational, and financial results by:

    • working with the Board of Directors to set clear, values-aligned academic, growth, operational, and financial goals;
    • clarifying decision-making rights and processes;
    • implementing effective accountability systems to assess and drive progress toward goals, key strategic priorities, and implementation plans;
    • promoting the testing, piloting, and scaling of innovative solutions that drive student achievement and joy;
    • ensuring operations and facilities are safe and support the academic program, and
    • ensuring that MCP has a viable long-term financial plan and manages resources strategically.

Build a strong partnership with the Board of Directors by:

    • engaging the Board collaboratively and productively, and promoting rigorous board-management discussion to solve key challenges and realize MCP’s mission and vision;
    • communicating information transparently and in a timely manner, and
    • working with the Board to recruit and train new Board members.

Develop strong external relationships and presence by:

    • building community and supporting true partnership with key local leaders, government officials, school districts, authorizers, parents, and local organizations;
    • promoting MCP’s brand through presentations, publications, and social media presence consistent with our mission, and, in conjunction with the Board, nurturing existing funder relationships and leading all fundraising efforts.


You are a strong candidate to lead MCP if, above all, our model of rigor and character resonates with you, and your own professional practice reflects this orientation. Equity, inclusion and belonging matter a lot to you, and you have experience building systems, infrastructure and culture that center inclusive excellence. You are an empathetic, accessible and agile leader, able to engage and connect with diverse stakeholders. You operate at the nexus of team and culture building and management, internal organizational leadership and external relations. You also bring experience or demonstrated capacity:

    • serving as a trusted member of an organization’s senior leadership team, most likely in the field of PreK-12 education;
    • attracting, motivating and developing top talent, fostering transparency, holding and articulating an inspiring vision and upholding accountability;
    • collaborating with culturally and socio-economically diverse families and communities to achieve meaningful engagement in education;
    • communicating effectively internally and externally to promote the vision of the organization;
    • institutionalizing systems and processes that enable organizations to function efficiently and effectively at scale;
    • serving as the external face of an organization, and cultivating and shepherding authentic, productive relationships in the funding, advocacy, policy, and education communities;
    • partnering effectively with a board of directors;
    • modeling self-awareness, humility, integrity and approachability, and
    • demonstrating the confidence to identify, acknowledge and share challenges and mistakes.

An understanding of the Milwaukee education ecosystem and related political dynamics is preferred, but not required.



The CEO will report to the full Board, and be evaluated annually by the Executive Committee. Direct reports will include: Chief Academic Officer; Chief Operating Officer; Chief External Relations Officer; Chief Culture Officer and Chief Financial Officer. MCP employs 300 people across our four schools.


Milwaukee is a vibrant, livable, affordable community where MCP continues to be  a beacon of hope and a vehicle for change, providing equitable access to high quality education to thousands of scholars across the city. And, like other mid-size cities across the country, Milwaukee is challenged by persistent, systemic structural issues rooted in racial inequity. Additionally, the charter sector faces political challenges that are best navigated in close collaboration with the full set of actors in our dynamic education advocacy ecosystem, including district and community leaders.


The salary range for this position is commensurate with experience and begins at $175k.


Review of applications will begin immediately, and continue until the position is filled.

For best consideration, please follow these instructions to apply by August 30, 2022:

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