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Associate Partner, Marketing & Communications

Our Inspiration

Racial injustice, inequity, and the systems designed to perpetuate them have defined our nation’s history. In the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling, the Supreme Court stated “…it is doubtful that any child may reasonably be expected to succeed in life if he is denied the opportunity of an education. Such an opportunity…is a right which must be made available to all on equal terms.

We believe the spirit of this decision was a promise to decouple race from access and, more broadly, to break the predictive links between identity and outcomes overall. We also believe that as a society, we have yet to deliver on that promise; nearly seven decades later, institutionalized oppression, micro-aggressions, discrimination, inequity, and violence still obstruct the path to self-determination and a life trajectory full of choices for people from involuntarily marginalized communities. So, in 2017 and with the Brown ruling in mind, we founded Promise54 determined to help deliver on the promise of equity.

Specifically, we partner with social impact organizations working to address society’s most complex challenges, which often disproportionately impact historically marginalized groups. Our research indicates that too often within these organizations, the dissonance between stated values and lived staff experience results in cultures, policies, and practices which reinforce the very inequities that organizations are working to end. This, in turn, creates additional pain and hinders impact.

We envision a day when social impact organizations can create a more just world because they have diverse teams of people thriving in roles that activate their unique gifts and talents; foster inclusive and antiracist cultures; and have equitable practices, policies, and structures. With this vision in mind, we are ~20 passionate individuals who leverage our collective advising, coaching, systems design, and facilitation experience to help create the conditions for people to thrive and do their best work.

Our Ethos

At Promise54, one of our most sacred guiding principles is Radical Humanity. Both internally and with our client partners, we’re focused on authentic relationships and deep engagement.

Endeavoring to operate in this way requires that we believe in the innate brilliance of each human. We assume imperfection is the norm and extend the grace of second chances to each other knowing that lifelong learning is not only inevitable but it fuels experimentation, risk-taking, growth, and innovation. We believe that process is as important as outcomes, and that good intentions don’t trump painful impact. Qualitative life experience is acknowledged as valid and real data. And, perhaps most importantly, we are working to slow down and bring intentionality, planfulness, care, compassion, humor, joy, and love into our work.

In service to these commitments, our team is committed to the following core values which guide our work together:

    • Champion Justice: We acknowledge the impact of systematic oppression and are committed to pursuing justice. We help to create the conditions to interrogate and shift mindsets, behaviors, and structures, while examining ourselves in the process. We act boldly in our pursuit of diverse, inclusive, equitable, and antiracist workplaces by challenging the status quo, spotting and dismantling inequities, sharing power, and elevating and centering historically silenced voices.
    • Embrace Possibility: We approach our work with a sense of possibility, adaptability, and optimism. We invest time in new ideas, engage in thoughtful problem solving, and explore innovative ways to team with each other and with our client partners.
    • Be Well: We know that to do our best work, we must accept and support each other in all of our humanity. We have fun, laugh out loud, find joy in our work together, celebrate each other’s life milestones, and live unapologetically in our own skin. We practice flexibility related to where and how we get our work done, respecting each other’s professional preferences and life priorities. We carve out time to relax, recharge, and refuel individually and as a team.
    • Pursue Impact: We are committed to helping people thrive so they can bring the full weight of their talent and passion to the communities they serve. To do so, we pursue transformational outcomes with our client partners and, in the process, we choose courage over comfort. We strive to deliver excellent work and an unparalleled client partner experience to inspire effective action, advance equity, and help our client partners realize their missions.
    • Practice Curiosity: We don’t have all of the answers, so we listen closely to our colleagues, our client partners, our schools, and our communities, as they tell us what’s working and what’s not. We embrace those who push our thinking while helping us make progress. This learning makes us and our work better.

How We Partner

At Promise54, we’re obsessed with the interconnectedness and complexities of relationships between people, their work, and their organizations.

We bring that passion into our partnerships along with humility, care, humor, and intentionality. Because we believe transformative change begins with the individual, we support our client partners to bring a Radically Human lens to interrogating the ways in which their own behaviors and habits contribute to maintaining or dismantling systems of inequity.

We support our client partners to foster spaces where the voices and experiences of those who have been historically silenced can be shared and centered and where staff find connection across lines of difference, learn from one another, and bridge perspectives. We do all of our work with an emphasis on race while honoring, supporting, and leveraging intersecting identities.

Promise54 provides services and supports at several levels:

  1. Individuals and Teams: We support leaders and teams to thrive through executive, group and career coaching, cohort-based learning and convenings, and curated retreats designed to create community, connection and dedicated spaces for reflection and growth.
  2. Organizations: Through tailored advising partnerships coupled with proprietary tools and powerful benchmarking, we equip organizations with an understanding of their assets and challenge areas at the intersection of talent systems, culture, and DEI. We focus on supporting and enhancing organizational effectiveness, inclusive cultures, and equitable systems. Our executive search practice centers equity, deepens inclusion, and interrupts bias throughout the hiring process to help organizations realize the potential for radical impact presented by executive transitions and expansion.
  3. The Field: We conduct field-level research, mine for insights, and disseminate our findings widely to support leaders in their work to build thriving organizational environments where truly effective DEI practices drive stronger outcomes. Our research products include quantitative and qualitative reports such as 2017’s Unrealized Impact (with which we launched our organization), a set of radically vulnerable case studies which delve deeply into the experiences of three client partner organizations as they initiate and navigate new DEI initiatives, and most recently, our 2021 release of Unrealized Impact 2.0 – The Hard Truth About Where We Are and Ways To Move Forward.

Hallmarks of our approach include rigorous data-driven assessments and insights, thought leadership, tailored strategic support, attentive project management, and expert facilitation – all informed by our own expertise, research, and lived experiences. All of our work is infused with a deep focus on DEI and antiracism.

To learn more about the Promise54 team and our work, please visit our website.

The Opportunity

The role of the AP of Marketing and Communications (“APMC”) at Promise54 is new, reflecting the growth of our team, our work, and our aspirations for the Promise54 brand. While at its core, this is a strategic brand management and development role, we are also seeking experience and expertise implementing marketing, communications, and social media strategies to grow an early-stage brand. The APMC will evaluate, enhance, and amplify a meaningful brand identity for Promise54 by collaborating with the CEO, Partner team, and Promise54 staff to set and guide the strategy for all marketing, communications, social media, and collateral to consistently reflect the organization’s values. More specifically, the APMC’s primary responsibilities will be to:

    • Evaluate the current ‘state of the brand’ across touchpoints and with key audiences to identify key strengths and areas for improvement
    • Envision, develop, lead, and implement marketing strategies that drive awareness and engagement while measuring the effectiveness of these activities
    • Guide the development, distribution, and maintenance of all print and electronic collateral including, but not limited to blogs, newsletters, research, and Promise54’s website, and ensure that Promise54’s identity is consistent across all mediums through effective messaging, knowledge sharing, and enforcement of branding standards
    • Codify and distribute tools, templates, and materials as needed to support the staff of Promise54 to consistently implement branding standards
    • Spot opportunities or challenges for the brand by trendspotting and tracking competitor activity and field-level developments
    • Manage the workstreams of multiple internal and external partners and agencies
    • Manage and execute website updates, email campaigns, and social media posts and ensure that new content (blogs, newsletters, research) is aligned to both brand strategy and identity
    • Design and orchestrate an organization-wide marketing and communications calendar and corresponding processes for implementation—and communicate details with key stakeholders including the leadership team, the broader team, Board members (if necessary), and external partners
    • Create and deliver creative briefs and provide guidance for photography, videography, and graphic design projects and key events (cohort convenings, team retreats) across the organization
    • Define and track measures of success across key brand priorities—including data collection, analysis, reporting, and incorporating refinements to future tactics and strategies
    • Identify and cultivate relationships with the agencies and contractors necessary to advance brand priorities

Candidate Profile


First and foremost, the Associate must embrace Promise54’s vision of a day when social impact organizations can create a more just world because they have diverse teams thriving in roles that activate their unique gifts and talents; foster inclusive and antiracist cultures; and have equitable practices, policies, and structures. Additionally, to perform the job successfully, an Associate will need to demonstrate the following competencies:

    • Equity Focus: You use an equity-conscious lens, language, and tools to drive our work internally and externally. You understand how identity, power, white conditioning and privilege impacts lived experiences of an individual (including yourself), structures, and institutions. You possess the courage, inclination, AND skill-set to speak up/interrupt oppressive situations/structures/power dynamics moments because you recognize inequity and act accordingly. You take on a heavier burden of speaking up when your identity is in the mainstream.
    • Results-Driven: You are focused on outcomes (both quantitative and qualitative). You hold yourself and others to agreed-upon standards and you clearly define what it is you are trying to accomplish with a deliverable or contribution to the work/project. You develop and execute a strategic pathway forward so that you can deliver high-quality short-term results/deliverables and build capacity for longer term results.
    • Culture Keeper: You build relationships with colleagues demonstrating curiosity about others’ background and perspectives. You express interest in the team’s well-being and care. You leverage and celebrate differences. People who know you and work with you feel valued and respected. You accept and support your teammates in all of their humanity. You strive for the collective best, you see yourself as part of a team and recognize your impact on that team with a sense of possibility, adaptability, and optimism, as well as with responsibility. You feel a degree of ownership for the success of the team and the organization, and not just for your own success.
    • Feedback: You bring a growth mindset and curiosity to giving and receiving feedback. You offer honest, actionable and timely feedback through the appropriate channels specific to the work or deliverable expectations using an equity conscious lens. You strive to internalize and incorporate developmental feedback and ask questions to seek clarity when needed. You actively seek out and receive feedback from others when appropriate with the intent of growing professionally and enhancing work products.
    • Adaptability: You approach new ideas, changes in work, or challenges with a sense of possibility and solutions-based attitude. You have the ability to adapt to various working and management styles. You have the ability to tailor approaches to client partner projects across multiple types of natural tensions, including: speed vs. quality, repeat/copy-paste vs. customization, physical deliverable vs facilitation. You develop innovative solutions when challenges arise.
    • Self-Awareness: You know where your skills are strong, where you need resources and support, and you actively seek to understand these things. You possess awareness of your own feelings, thoughts and behaviors and their impact on others and work to positively impact others/mitigate harmful impact. You know where the boundaries of your experiences and vantage points are and you acknowledge that you have limits to what you can see. You know when to pull back vs. lean in in various settings. You demonstrate humility. You have the ability to both voice and navigate tensions with colleagues related to things like bandwidth, availability, and accessibility.
    • Communication: You communicate in a way that is accessible. You differentiate your communication style based on the audience and situation to have the greatest impact. You are able to distill and communicate complex information in a way that moves the work and/or team forward. You are able to clearly, proactively, and consistently articulate your ideas and document them when necessary.

Additionally, we are seeking a mission-centered marketing professional whose expertise includes strategic brand management and development, alongside integrated marketing strategies including digital, social, content development, and publications; the ability to translate that knowledge and perspective into a compelling marketing strategy; and the requisite experience to oversee implementation of these functions. 

We believe that the following types of professional experiences will lend themselves well to this work:

    • 9-10 years of relevant professional experience (which could include relevant degrees), at least eight of which should be anchored in the brand development process, as well as oversight and implementation of branding, marketing, and communications in positions of increasing responsibility, and at least three of which should include managing others
    • Both internal and external cross functional-management including agency management/client-side experience with agencies; and experience flagging and resolving issues arising from cross functional management
    • Developing and implementing organization-wide communications strategies using multiple vehicles, including core social media tools
    • Leading/facilitating organizational codification and adoption of marketing strategies and processes, resulting in improved organizational synergy and strengthened brand identity
    • A strong track record as an implementer who thrives on prioritizing among competing priorities and managing a variety of key initiatives concurrently

We believe that the following types of skills will lend themselves well to this work:

    • Progressive, bold creativity aligned to a clear brand strategy
    • High energy, maturity, and leadership skills enabling the APMC to serve as a unifying force and to position communications discussions at both the strategic and tactical levels
    • Excellent writing and editing skills across a wide range of communication channels
    • Capacity for and comfort with developing guiding frameworks or structured approaches inside an organization, as evidenced by organizing complex ideas, translating ambiguity into clear direction, and the ability to develop written communications and presentations (including PowerPoint decks)
    • A keen ability to scan the landscape to spot trends and quickly identify opportunities for the brand to join—or drive—impactful conversations
    • Experience managing disparate stakeholders and internal and external audiences
    • Analytical inclination, demonstrated by the ability to discern and communicate key takeaways from varied data sets and analytics tools (Google Analytics, MailChimp, etc.)
    • Agility across MS Office (Excel, Word, PP), G-Suite, and Adobe Creative Suite (especially Illustrator, Creative Express, and Photoshop) and familiarity with (or, ideally, fluency in) both WordPress and Salesforce 

We believe the following personal characteristics would be assets in this work:

    • Shared cultural, racial, or socioeconomic connections, identities, and/or experiences with the communities our clients serve
    • Deep personal commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and antiracism
    • Highly collaborative relationship-building skills and finesse conducive to “managing by influence”
    • Sound judgment and discretion with respect to critical information and decisions
    • Self-starter able to work autonomously as well as collaborate with others and incorporate feedback and direction as needed
    • A keen attention to detail
    • Integrity
    • A sense of humor

Finally, the ideal candidate will also possess:

  • Familiarity with the U.S. education sector and past efforts to reform its systems and practices, particularly those related to the challenges facing people from historically marginalized identities
  • Education and credentials specifically related to marketing and/or communicationsR

Reporting Relationships

The Associate Partner of Marketing and Communications will report to our CEO, Xiomara Padamsee. 


Our work is national in scope, and our team is virtual with small clusters of team members located in the Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles metro areas. The location for this role is flexible, though the Associate Partner should be generally comfortable working with teammates and client partners distributed across all U.S. time zones. Additionally, the Associate Partner should possess the willingness and availability to travel approximately one to two trips each quarter with a typical duration of one to two nights per trip for team retreats, national conferences, and other critical in-person meetings. Promise54 is currently not traveling because of the pandemic, however we are preparing to potentially resume travel late summer/fall 2022.

Compensation and Benefits

The range for the starting base salary for this role is $101,900 – $135,000, with annual bonus potential ranging from 8% – 9% of the base salary (total potential starting compensation would range from $110,000 – $147,200). We anticipate most people who are new to Promise54 would enter the role in the range listed above. While it is not guaranteed, in the past three years, we have met our goals and fulfilled bonuses for all staff.  

Promise54 offers a 401(k) retirement plan and match, as well as benefits including (but not limited to) medical, dental, vision, and short and long-term disability. We also offer reimbursements to support your ability to work remotely; specifically, for home office set-up costs: up to $50/month for home internet and $162/month for a cell phone used for work. In addition, we provide a $100 monthly reimbursement for co-working space or other expenses to make working remotely more comfortable and reimburse up to $500/year for wellness-related expenses to support our team members’ ability to live into our Be Well core value. Click here to learn more.

To Apply

The review of applications is underway and will continue until the position(s) is filled.

Koya Partners, the executive search firm that specializes in mission-driven search, has been exclusively retained for this engagement. Kim Dukes, Josyanne Roche, and Kristina Dorne of Koya Partners have been exclusively retained for this search. To express interest in this role please submit your materials here. All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential. 

Koya Partners is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to individuals living with disabilities. If you are a qualified individual living with a disability and need assistance expressing interest online, please email If you are selected for an interview, you will receive additional information regarding how to request an accommodation for the interview process.


Promise54 is a 501(c)3 organization deeply committed to providing equal opportunities. We are a diverse organization serving other diverse organizations and we are committed to non-discrimination.

It is our policy to ensure that all individuals with whom we are in contact are treated equally without regard to race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.


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Koya Partners, the executive search firm that specializes in mission-driven search, has been exclusively retained for this engagement. Kim Dukes, Josyanne Roche, and Kristina Dorne of Koya Partners have been exclusively retained for this search. To express interest in this role please submit your materials here. All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.

Koya Partners is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to individuals living with disabilities. If you are a qualified individual living with a disability and need assistance expressing interest online, please email If you are selected for an interview, you will receive additional information regarding how to request an accommodation for the interview process.


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